The Other Side of My City

The Other Side of My City: In such a busy life where we do not even have time to check on to our loved ones, this little incident touched my heart.

Paperback Storyteller: The Other Side of My City
Paperback Storyteller: The Other Side of My City

I was sitting in a rickshaw, waiting for my sister who was buying some groceries when suddenly my eyes caught something. I saw a man who was probably in his late 40s talking to a little boy who was not more than 10. The man looked decent and it was obvious that he belonged to a rich society but the little boy was holding a lot of balloons which made clear that he's supposed to sold them to earn his living. They both were quite far from me and I couldn't hear a word they said. The first thought that came to my mind was that surely the boy has done something really bad and now this man is going to beat him really bad. I was looking at them with curiosity and waiting for my instincts to be correct but what actually happened was beyond my expectations.

I saw both of them passing the street and heading to a biriyani shop which was quite close to me and so I could hear them clearly. "Give this boy a plate of biriyani." ,the man said and pointed a chair to the boy for whom it was one of his best days. He looked so overwhelmed that all the tiredness vanished from his face. The man paid the bill. I couldn't see the amount neither I wanted to because what he did was priceless. "Eat properly, dear." ,he said and turned around, crossed the road and was soon lost in the crowd. But I could not take my eyes off from the kid who was probably eating something good after a long time. The happiness on his face every time he ate could melt anyone. He simply looked the happiest kid. How often do we even think of those who are selling goods on the street for their survival? They are not beggars. They are those great souls who are working hard to live on their own. In Bangladesh, precisely Dhaka, all I get to see is a rich man swearing at these children or beating them black and blue. But helping such children is something we don't see most of the time. I think there are still many such selfless people existing in this city and I still have a reason to love Dhaka.

-Zareen Haider.

Artwork by Hanne Feldt Art.

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