Pain. That's all that reflected back from the mirrors of the gloomy bathroom where she stood

Paperback Storyteller - Pain. That's all that reflected back from the mirrors of the gloomy bathroom where she stood

Pain. That's all that reflected back from the mirrors of the gloomy bathroom where she stood. A shinny bead of blood followed the needle as she took it out of her hand. No matter how desperately she tried, she could still hear them argue, hear things shatter, see the dried blood stains on the floor in early school mornings or a new bruise on her mothers beautiful face. It all kept on reminding her of only one thing; it was all her fault.

A drop of tear flowed her high cheek bones carrying the black pigments of her mascara. She smudges it even further. Something was wrong. She could feel the warmth of theheroin rushing down her veins, however, she could still feel the pain. She closed her eyes, let the drug conquer her; make her feel euphoric, even if it lasted for a while. However, the darkest of her memories came storming down at her, the one she was trying to e…

Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe

Paperback Storyteller - Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe
With the dew drops sliding by the window, shimmering as crystal, with the sun peeping to blast, I woke up by the fragnance of her hair.

This charm of hers or rather the "ICE" of Ned Stark piercing my heart into pieces; yet the pieces growl her presence. It's quite unbelievable to have her in my arms after waiting for almost 16 years. Everything happened so slowly but all of a sudden which left me with goosebumps. I got a chance in a university and had to shift near it which was not very close to my house. But there was something calling my mind and torturing my heart to finally confess my feelings to her. After all years from out of nowhere I found the guts to message her, still hung in her "requests pending." The conversation went like this...

-Hey! Can we talk?

-Sorry. But I barely know you. How can you expect to have a conversation with me?

- I know. But I need to say something to you.

-Okay, I will try...


Mi amor

Paperback Storyteller - Mi amor

I trust your soul has been well – for you have a beautiful soul. It has been quite a while since I have taken up the pen and paper medium to confide my feelings. I have many a things to say, but not all words are meant to be heard or spoken. After all, we live in such an age, where words, set in stone also fade away. Must you wonder what this is, know only, that this is me desperately clinging on to what I believe in.

You see my love, you have infected my subconscious. I wish I had the cure, I really wish I did. But unfortunately things do not work that way. Every impulse I feel, every beat my heart makes, with every single breath, you remain entwined. You are my sun, my biggest star, my only star. You are everything my world revolves around. And I, forever remain bound to your orbit.

My love, the time we had together was magic. Fiction is probably a good word to describe, for it was too beautiful to be true. You made me forget reality my love. The love w…

Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped?

Paperback Storyteller - Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped?

Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped ?
Yes many of you guys would be happy to point out the lack of strict laws and order along with low gross domestic product and so on. But ever wondered why your car isn't as fast as the others? It's not because of your fuel or nitrous oxide it's because 2 of the wheels of your cars are neglected
First of all, yes I know this is 2016, and I have enough guts to go up to the borders and shout out that my country doesn't support equal rights.

You say things have changed and yes I admit it, things did change. Women now get jobs and they also run many companies. But ever thought on a bigger scale? I can bet over 90% of the families here would smile down and refuse to send their daughters abroad to study. But they wouldn't hesitate twice to send their son
Their are many freedoms we are denied. We cannot go out without te…

Because oh because, I'm falling quite hard over you

Paperback Storyteller - Because oh because, I'm falling quite hard over you.
"Because oh because, I'm falling quite hard over you", the lyrics struck her when the song came up on the playlist of the coffee shop she worked in. Washing the coffee machine, she hummed the song and was taken aback when the new girl asked her to take the order of the next customer. She quickly quit filling the coffee machine with new beans and inhaled the beautiful smell of coffee which made her pick the coffee shop instead of all the other restaurants in the firdt place.

She turned around, only to find him standing, staring at his phone and typing something really fast. She froze up like a statue, gazing at him, teal turtleneck sweater and black denim with a light grey scarf which covered her favourite part of him. He was busy reading something when she cleared her throat and he looked up to find the same pair of dark eyes which he left five years ago. Neither of them knew where their onc…

When do you actually know you've been cheated on?

Paperback Storyteller - When do you actually know you've been cheated on?

When do you actually know you've been cheated on? Do you just really see it coming and choose to ignore it only to end up convincing yourself that it's all in your head? And when you finally do know it for sure, why do you still stay anyway? For the sake of the memories or believe that maybe he might just see your worth and regret what he did, changing for good? Or do you just stay for the sake of your kids, family and social status? At least my mother did.

Even after finding out how easily after 20 something years of marriage her husband, a father to two beautiful grown daughters, daughters who sees him to be nothing less than a hero with an invisible cape, a noble man, their mentor, an idol, a person they look up to for only doing good to people, had been having an affair with another woman. My mother, who's an angel in all of our lives, who's been sacrificing everything for as long as I c…

Your heart was where I dwelt

Paperback Storyteller - Your heart was where I dwelt

"You were my home baby. Your heart was where I dwelt. Your mind was where I roamed. Now that you are long gone, I'm lost. I'm a hopeless traveller looking for a home. A home that once belonged to me." The 65 year old man whispered as he stared at his wife's name imprinted on the greyish green grave stone. It's been 5 years already yet he visits this place everyday and says this line each time he comes across the grave. How could he not? Those were the very first lines he told his wife while confessing his feelings for her and they'd always remain with him. Even though the person for whom all this was said will never respond or reply back to his lines. He derived a strange form of satisfaction every time he uttered it. In his vision he could always see his wife smiling at him unabashedly while he said them. He could see the young soul and hear her raging heartbeats. He could see love warmth and kindness i…