When you choose to love someone who is damaged

Paperback Storyteller - When you choose to love someone who is damaged 

When you choose to love someone who is damaged, you take on the weight of their past, their pain, their guilt. You must be strong, you must be patient. You can stop the bleeding and help them heal their scar, but they will always be a little broken. If you can handle that, if you can accept the dents and the cracks, if you can get them to trust you, you will never find a better ally than one who is damaged. Above all else, they know about survival.

-Rafeyin Asef Auritra

Photo by Art & Madness.
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It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings

Paperback Storyteller - It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings:

It was about 6:30 in the evening when I and my friends were walking down a street of Dhanmondi. It was pretty crowded like always and three of us were just talking about random stuffs and minding our own business when we heard some noise on the other side of the road. My friends turned to look what was wrong and all they found was some hijras were shouting at us. It seemed like they were really enraged at something. At first we couldn’t figure out what the matter was until they were loud enough for us. “Orna Koi?” we heard one of them hitting this statement at us. We don’t know how many people noticed it but we were startled. That just blew three of us. We were totally shocked by the way it came, all of a sudden. But this was not the end. I guess it was just a bad, a very bad evening for us. As they were abusing us, two boys crossing the road on a bike took their side and said pointing at us “Go …

To the boy who is calling me a slut right now

Paperback Storyteller - To the boy who is calling me a slut right now:

To the boy who is calling me a slut right now.

Do you remember what we used to be? Do you remember how we used to laugh? Do you remember how we used to say the same things at the same time? Do you remember how we used to gossip about others? No, you don't. Why would you even? Because you never cared. You never bothered to understand between the lines.

I tried to push you away twice from my life but still you managed to come back in it. I hate you for making me laugh. I hate you so fucking much. You said I was your mirror reflection right? But when you betrayed your "mirror reflection", didn't it hurt you back? I wish I had never met you. Do you remember calling me "chotto cutie"? Do you remember when you said your mom likes me more rather than your girlfriend? Do your remember making me promise to never ever run away from your life? Do you remember when you used to have fights with your …

Encaged in our minds

Paperback Storyteller - Encaged in our minds:

As we age, traversing through the shallow and uncertain trail of adolescence, we are instilled with values, instilled with knowledge attained from the different parameters of the world. However, the most important aspect of growing up is when, our minds often make us ask questions, swaying us on the unruffled surface of our experience. My visit to Bangladesh back in last May, made me a subject of those implications.

It was beautiful! Swift hiccups, and the currents of nerve-wrecking excitement had already circulated my veins twenty times when I set a foot on the land of my culture, my roots, and my heritage. I was properly welcomed as a guest, caressed by my relatives, by the society around me in parallel to how swords are caressed by a blacksmith. Yes! I absorbed certain remarks of the mindsets that were quite STRIKING to my demeanor, remarks of the way life exists there. My cousins mocked me to be foolish, perhaps because my westerner mi…

What is life you ask?

Paperback Storyteller: What is life you ask? 

Life is getting to discover all your potentials through small things in life. Life is about facing obstacles everyday and learning to move on after every failure. Life is about learning how to compromise, how to accept others' flaws and learn to love them. Life is about understanding that sometimes you need to lose some things you love just for the sake of everyone's happiness. Life is learning to be selfless. Life is watching people leave and new ones entering in your life and realizing how spontaneous life is. Life is about accepting. Life is about loving someone. Life is about having a family, taking responsibilities and enjoying every little moments. Life is about sacrificing and finding happiness in others' joy. Life is expressing love through daily habits in life. Life is seeing a loved one grow.

At the end, when you're old, when you'll wonder what life has been, look at all your achievements, your failures and most…

I am Too Scared to I Love You

“I am too scared to love you,” I said as I got out of the bed. He had a smile that he usually does not put on his face. It was kind of obvious. A relationship that starts and ends with the bed has nothing to do with love and bringing up this topic was awkward, for both of us. My eyes were fixed at him and I constantly tried figuring out his expression when he finally broke the silence. “What do you mean by that?” I knew this was coming. I don’t know if this was a genuine question or he just wanted to know my real feelings. “Well, I cannot love someone who won’t love me back. That’s painful, isn’t it? I would keep on spending nights thinking of you and all I get in return is, nothing. I can’t do this to myself.” I finished hoping that what I said was convincing. The heat in the room was increasing and my heart was almost in my mouth. But probably he wanted to have more of it. “You think I will never love you back?” he raised his eyebrows as he asked me this weird question; and now it …

There He is, Falling again and Repeating The Sin

There He is, Falling again and Repeating The Sin. Everything goes fine and smooth but with every maze he creates a riddle which is impossible to break. He is often found lost and sometimes the void devour him.He is often found living a life full of joy and then again and again repeating the same sin all over again.
As time flies he changes, he evolves from a worm to a cocoon and finally into a butterfly but then again he is witnessed around the flowers gathering nectar(experience). Life is often tough for him, he always had to sacrifice from an early age of time. He doesn't mind giving away his candy/ice-cream to his siblings or cousins. He's been taught that he has responsibilities and he has to take all the loads of his family and of the so called "future".

Struggle? Reality? Ask someone who has to face all these. Only a support can motivate him. Only a little blessings of his parents can give him hope. Only a little support from a girl he loves can show him the …