I am Too Scared to I Love You

“I am too scared to love you,” I said as I got out of the bed. He had a smile that he usually does not put on his face. It was kind of obvious. A relationship that starts and ends with the bed has nothing to do with love and bringing up this topic was awkward, for both of us. My eyes were fixed at him and I constantly tried figuring out his expression when he finally broke the silence. “What do you mean by that?” I knew this was coming. I don’t know if this was a genuine question or he just wanted to know my real feelings. “Well, I cannot love someone who won’t love me back. That’s painful, isn’t it? I would keep on spending nights thinking of you and all I get in return is, nothing. I can’t do this to myself.” I finished hoping that what I said was convincing. The heat in the room was increasing and my heart was almost in my mouth. But probably he wanted to have more of it. “You think I will never love you back?” he raised his eyebrows as he asked me this weird question; and now it …

There He is, Falling again and Repeating The Sin

There He is, Falling again and Repeating The Sin. Everything goes fine and smooth but with every maze he creates a riddle which is impossible to break. He is often found lost and sometimes the void devour him.He is often found living a life full of joy and then again and again repeating the same sin all over again.
As time flies he changes, he evolves from a worm to a cocoon and finally into a butterfly but then again he is witnessed around the flowers gathering nectar(experience). Life is often tough for him, he always had to sacrifice from an early age of time. He doesn't mind giving away his candy/ice-cream to his siblings or cousins. He's been taught that he has responsibilities and he has to take all the loads of his family and of the so called "future".

Struggle? Reality? Ask someone who has to face all these. Only a support can motivate him. Only a little blessings of his parents can give him hope. Only a little support from a girl he loves can show him the …

I understand. I Just Want You to Always be Happy

I understand. I just want you to always be happy: There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. Her hatred towards the world lead her to not make many friends; just a boyfriend who loved her deeply. She always said she'd marry him if she were to ever see him.

One day, suddenly someone had donated her a pair of eyes and it had been the first time that she had gotten to see her boyfriend. She was astonished to see that her boyfriend who had loved her immensely, who had called her the prettiest woman in this universe, had been was blind himself.

He had then told her, "You can see me now so can we get married?" She replied looking startled, “And do what? We'd never be happy. I finally have sight like every other average person but you're just a blind, dumb guy. It won't work out, I'm sorry." Tears came rolling from his eyes as heavy as the current flowing through the Niagara Falls and a forced smile was on his now wretched…

I Was Born to Respect Myself and Earn Respect from People

I Was Born to Respect Myself and Earn Respect from People: "I was not born and not raised to listen to words which I don't deserve, I was not born to just get married young or love someone specifically, I was not born to stay quiet all the time and listen to outsiders who will never matter to me in the long run. I was not born to listen to my past mistakes from a person all the time.

I was born to love myself and treat myself better, I was born to say "NO" to a person and stick to my own life in my beautiful corner of my room. I was born to love my parents and brother who mean the world to me. I was born to teat myself in the best restaurant and cherish good memories by travelling. I was born to educate myself for my future betterment. I was born to earn better so that I can full fill my "শখের জিনিস"! I was born to respect myself and earn respect from people.

That's it all I want now for myself."

- Sadia Raisa

Photo by Seanen Middleton Photograph…

I Love You Foreve and Always

I Love You Foreve and Always:  I’m generally a cheerful person. I’m usually full of love, life, and happiness. I open my eyes in the morning and feel excited to be alive.
There came a time, when it wasn’t so easy; when blinking, breathing and speaking all took so much effort that I thought I might as well give up. I was in a dark hole of sadness, anger and confusion. I didn’t think that I was going to make it, but you did. I still feel quite the same now and you still believe that I can!

For the friends who stood and still are standing by my side through the storms and I still have their back, the ones who held my hand and never let as much as a finger untie from our grip, the people who could see through my darkness when I was not being able to. For the beautiful souls who believed in transformation and never stopped believing still now, who believed in healing, time and growth. Who never judged me nor even now for my heartache, grief and anguish.

Who, when my world (my own bubbles …

To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now

To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now:
The glimpse of your heavenly face twinkles my mind in every single day.

They say that time heals everything. Yes, it does and now all I'm left with is your memories. You were and still are one of the most amazing soul in my eyes. Even after bearing a lot of pain, you never had any complaint about life.
One thing I badly regret is that, I couldn't spend much time of my life with you due to the vast distance between the places where we lived.
Sometimes I question myself Why did I even grow up? I could have known you better if I had utilized my time in meeting you rather than going to other places for vacations.

You always had that special charm in you. Except you, none could make me laugh and cry at the same moment. It's you from whom I have learnt a lot more about those unspoken truths that no one would ever tell me about.
Hugging you right after a tiring day and watching you fall asleep are those little things that I miss mostly e…

The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself

The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself: It was about this Saturday night, with some relaxation and leisure time in hand I decided to sort out my box of books that I no longer take care of. One by one I sorted them and placed them on the shelf when suddenly something caught my eyes...upon grabbing it, only silent tears flowed down my cheeks. The picture held so many memories itself...dragging me down to the memory lane that I left behind almost a year ago. It was not only a picture for me but something so much more, much dearer and precious...Something that once meant everything to me or maybe still does. Who knows...How did time fly this fast? I could feel my heart ache! Sounds cheesy doesn't it? 1st love, 1st heartbreak...sigh! Only the ones who endure the pain know how it feels like to live with the pain enclosed inside.

An old picture causes so much of adrenaline rush, so many flashbacks that I overlooked over the years...How we spent those times together and cherished every …