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To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now

To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now:
The glimpse of your heavenly face twinkles my mind in every single day.

They say that time heals everything. Yes, it does and now all I'm left with is your memories. You were and still are one of the most amazing soul in my eyes. Even after bearing a lot of pain, you never had any complaint about life.
One thing I badly regret is that, I couldn't spend much time of my life with you due to the vast distance between the places where we lived.
Sometimes I question myself Why did I even grow up? I could have known you better if I had utilized my time in meeting you rather than going to other places for vacations.

You always had that special charm in you. Except you, none could make me laugh and cry at the same moment. It's you from whom I have learnt a lot more about those unspoken truths that no one would ever tell me about.
Hugging you right after a tiring day and watching you fall asleep are those little things that I miss mostly e…

The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself

The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself: It was about this Saturday night, with some relaxation and leisure time in hand I decided to sort out my box of books that I no longer take care of. One by one I sorted them and placed them on the shelf when suddenly something caught my eyes...upon grabbing it, only silent tears flowed down my cheeks. The picture held so many memories itself...dragging me down to the memory lane that I left behind almost a year ago. It was not only a picture for me but something so much more, much dearer and precious...Something that once meant everything to me or maybe still does. Who knows...How did time fly this fast? I could feel my heart ache! Sounds cheesy doesn't it? 1st love, 1st heartbreak...sigh! Only the ones who endure the pain know how it feels like to live with the pain enclosed inside.

An old picture causes so much of adrenaline rush, so many flashbacks that I overlooked over the years...How we spent those times together and cherished every …

Latter from The Friend You Abandoned

Dear stranger,
Today I'm about to uncover a secret that only resides in your heart and tortures your soul. I know you didn't love him truly. To tell you the truth, you just didn't want to be alone. Hence you chose the only person who was available.

You could have waited but you chose not to. He was good for your ego and you used him just like an alluring piece of shiny trophy. You chose him only to show off. You didn't mean to treat him like the treasure he was. He was a good guy who would do anything for you. Whereas you used him like an object only with the intention of playing with his feelings.

He made you feel better about your miserable life that consisted of solitude and defeating silence. However the cracks that manifested in the middle of your heart could not be healed by him.
Even though you pretended to be genuinely happy infront of others, deep down you knew you were isolated. You knew you were not only betraying yourself but you were also risking someone…

Teenagers are Currently Suffering From a Lot of Diseases

Teenagers are currently suffering from a lot of diseases: They suffer from a lack of parent's attention. These days the lifestyle of teens are apparently leading them towards astray, and the prime reason for this is less attention. Parents are running with time to design the future of their kids, however they are not aware of this major fact that they don't spend adequate tine to monitor their kids.

Also, the lack of council. Teens are the modern civilization of this world. Apart from their studies and daily dairies, few have some obscure issues to deal with. Parents should be friendly to their kids and they should try their level best to absorb the thoughts of their children too. Not all faces are same, thus all kids are not same. Some should be handled carefully. Parents should build their thinking and make them eligible, to identify what's right and what's not. Punishment is not always the solution.

Also, then there is distance from family. There was a time when sib…

The Long Loved Game, Basketball

Emotive Stories: The Long Loved Game, Basketball:  You know those days of springtide when we were all industrious and spirited? The days where we got easily induced and valiant about anything new we discovered? When I was 14, there were these Japanese caricature called "Anime" which were tremendously prevailing and almost everyone was obsessed with watching them. Spontaneously, so was I and I don't anguish it at all.

Talking about getting induced and valiant, I was a guy who loved sports more than anything and this anime called " Kuroko no Basuke " which is interpreted as " Kuroko's Basketball " in English, which conducted to an immense contraction in my life. Comical right? Yeah I know it is. How can someone be influenced with some petty cartoon? Even I don't know, but I was.

I still remember I used to play football with my friends on that minuscule rooftop, which apperantly had a hoop installed. My seniors were more into basketball and thos…

I Wish Someone Could Know Me

Emotive Stories: I Wish Someone Could Know Me: 

Yes, I am that girl;
That girl who always smiles,
That girl who always hides,
That girl who always cries to sleep.

To everyone, I am a happy and gleeful girl.
But do you even know me?

I am alone.
Alone in a world full of people,
Alone in the darkness of my mind.

That's a treasure;
The rarest treasure.
Yes, I have,
The ones who wished I didn't exist.

"Do you even care for your future?"
"You don't even try."
These are some of the most common words I hear everyday.

I am still smiling,
I have to.

Wiping those tears,
Stretching my mouth to smile,
Do you even know how that feels?
Do you even know me?

Words hurt,
More than actions.
Every time it feels like an arrow pierced through my heart.

It hurts.
It hurts that no one will know this pain,
It hurts that this will die with me.

Still I am, Alone
In my room, Crying.

Do you know what I really wished?
I wish someone could know me

- Sadia Tasnim Prott…

I Need You

I Need You:
I remember what I used to be,
A lost soul that just couldn’t see.

I drowned in my own misery,
But then you pulled me out and I became free.

Now I’m always keeping an eye on my prayers, and
Staying with friends that remind me of greater.

Working on goals that will benefit me later
And keeping my eyes away from all strangers.

When one day I am gone,
And life will carry on,
I pray you bring me close to you,
Cause that's all I ever needed from you.

- Zunaid Amin Enan

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The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose

The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose: The heavy cumulonimbus cloud roared overhead as he kept walking aimlessly by the beach, wondering about all the blunders he made in his little life. He couldn't change anything now. He could only hear his conscience speaking to him.

So here we are at last, this is what has become of us, what we have been reduced to. The future, once so clear to me, is now like a dark desolate highway at night. To whom it may concern, the sole purpose of me revealing what I had once deemed correct to conceal forever, is so that not another living soul makes the grave mistakes that reeked of impending disaster upon whom I was going to guide to the right path.

The beginning, ah the beginning! Like the struggles of many greats before, you were so typical. A hard working individual, whom life treated with misfortune, yet you did not abandon your dreams, yet she and the life you two created together, stood beside you. However, one day it happened; …

Do Forgive Him If You Can: An Open Letter to HER

Do Forgive Him If You Can: An Open Letter to HER,

Hey, it's me. The guy who always tries to put up a smile on everyone's face despite his own sadness. You see him laughing, doing weird things and all, always making you laugh. But do you know why he does that? I guess not.

Let me tell you why. He does that so that no one knows he's sad. He does that so that no one else pities him and feels unhappy for him. It's not like he always does good stuff: he does make mistakes, some too pricey but at the same time he also accepts his fault and seeks forgiveness. His jolly spirit is his mask to the darkness within him. The only light in his life is his love but he made her feel insecure. He regrets it now more than anything. He tries not to anger or make her sad even if he is having a horrible time dealing with his own problems.

Sometimes his humour tends to offend people even though such was not his intention. He has suffered a lot. He goes through hell every day and every nigh…

Hope Amidst Darkness

Hope Admist Darkness: He stared at the reflection in front of him with pure disgust. His face was bloody and his clothes were torn. He was 'black'. His arms were filled with brutal reminders of how he was tortured. Tears escaped from his eyes and he stared at them with such fascination, wishing to be as free as those teardrops.

He looked down at his hands, chained to the floor a few feet away from him. Flashbacks occupied his fragile 10 year old mind, of people treating him like garbage, like he was a disgrace to the society. People hit him whenever they wanted to, reminding him he had no right in this world, he was a slave, he was 'black'.

Rage filled him from within. He screamed, pulled at the chains, slapped his face and wiped it vigorously as if trying to remove the color. But as usual, he gave up knowing nothing would change.

He looked down at his hands in defeat, filled with blood. What difference was there in him? To him everyone was the same, everyone had b…

I wish it was true That you want me, as much as I do

I wish it was true- That you want me, as much as I do:  I wish, you wanted to dance in the rain with me. I wish, it was me, that you would have looked at and laughed when a common friend of ours cracked a lame joke. I wish, that you would wish to skip the long, boring office hours just to be with me at home. I wish, you would daydream about me when you're stuck in the traffic. I wish, you would want me to wear that particular red saree and meet you by the lake. I wish, you would wish to hold my waist and kiss me on the rooftop as it rains. I wish, it'd have been me you wanted to make babies with, grow a family with. I wish, you would want to grow old with me and be happy with those wrinkles. I wish, you did not feel embarrassed to hold my hand and walk in front of all your friends. I wish, you would want to watch the whole season of "Prison Break" again, with me by your side. I wish, you would want to take me to your mother and ask her how your choice was. I wish, yo…

An Open Letter to Old Me

Dear Thirteen Years Old Me,Full spoiler alert in effect for this letter, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read (however knowing/being you, I know you will continue reading anyway).
I know. I know. I was there. It’s like you don’t fit in and you’re this weird kid that everyone knows since nursery and pretends to like. You’re sitting in maths class, staring down at the sheet of paper
in front of you. None of it makes sense. You feel like everyone is getting it except you. Eventually you give up, flipping the paper over and marking it with angry dark words. Teen poetry. I still have some of it, you know. I keep them in a box under my bed. Sometimes I look at them and remember what you’re feeling now. Sometimes I smile and roll my eyes. But I’m going to tell you something and I want you to pay attention.
You are not stupid. It isn’t going to get any better, unfortunately. You never do figure out maths. Even though you had a maths tutor it didn’t make much difference. You weren’t made for…

Have You Ever Felt Like You Don't Belong Anywhere?

Have You Ever Felt Like You Don't Belong Anywhere?

Have you ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? 
Like the world around you keeps spinning but it's spinning without you?I have. And I will give anything to have that feeling of belonging, a purpose for my life. Not fitting in anywhere, not being able to cope, not having anyone to connect with until you start pretending like someone else. Where is my place in this big world filled with big people with big hopes and dreams? Where is my home?
Am I not being grateful for what I have? Is it enough? Am I asking for too much?
Can you tell me where can I go to feel like I'm home? Can you tell me how?

- Samia Binte Kabir

Photo by Louise Mertens.

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As Long as They Were Together, They were Perfect for each other

As Long as They Were Together, They were Perfect for each other: When Joanne said her parents would never accept their love, Robert had lost all hopes. He had never anticipated such an incident could ever happen to him.

He was educated, employed and from a good family. Yet he was about to face the greatest trial of his adult life - being the perfect guy for her parents. He realized, he had to change. And he was not alone. Joanne, despite of wanting to end it on their second month of dating, never really left. Robert told her, to believe. That it will change. And if they stayed together, things could be all right. And Joanne had been the beacon of hope ever since. They worked hard. Together. She helped him to lose weight. Prepare for a better job and good grades in his post grads. He supported her through her exam weeks and family problems and all the social pressures she had to go through every single day. There were days where none of them could help each other. There were nights whe…

The Cosmos of My Heart

The Cosmos of My Heart:  All day, all night I think of you, I dream of you. The sun rises and sets but the thought of you never fades. 

My feelings are such as the nothingness of a raindrop falling on a leaf, a little beautiful, clear drop of water that makes my heart melt with it's tenderness. That is how my love is for you. It's as clear as that transparent drop of water. It's as soothing as water flowing downstream or a baby's first smile to it's mother. This love is as deep and strong as the neurons firing in our brain. Nothing can break it or mold it, but what they can do is stare in awe at it's wonderful existence. But sadly the struggle behind it's existence will be known by none except the 'one'. So my case lies with him and I pray and hope that the hearing is over soon with the ruling in my favour.


A Brooke Shaden Photography.

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What is it That We Know About Love?

What is it that we know about love?

Is it about the brooding eyes or the enigmatic sensation that makes your skin dance, or the little tinge of pink it adds to your cheeks?

Is it about stargazing together, or the long, lazy, romantic saunter that makes you want more of each other?

Is it about getting to know someone in a way you never expected, or getting to discover the dark side of yours that dreads the thought of letting go?

Is it about spending your whole lives together, or the little, blissful moments you wish to capture in a time capsule and wish to cherish forever?

Is it about the excitement when you meet, or just sticking together when everything seems leaden and bumpy?

Is it about getting drenched in the rain, with feelings that make you linger there, contemplating what your future might be, or just staying there, relishing the moment, not wanting to contemplate what the future has in store?

What is it that we know about love?

Very little do we know about love. So much little…

Everything really does work out in the end

I can't tell you all the things that has happened in my life but I can tell you one thing, things do change in time.
What is my story? Well, starting from having an abusive and drug addicted father to being molested by so many uncles and my own grandfather, to going through extreme levels of poverty, I've seen quite a few things.
I've seen days where my mother was bound by ropes, I've heard her screams echo throw the wall. I remember hugging my dog and shaking in fear, praying to God to make it all stop but it didn't. It broke me to see my idol loathing me, cursing me, wishing I was dead.
My mother and I ran away and she divorced him later on. Still, to this very day, he is after us for revenge. Might sound outrageous but it is how it is. I felt like I didn't belong anywhere. My dad's side of the family blamed me for the divorce while my mom's side stood silent usually but they still looked at me with judging eyes. "Daddy's little girl,&qu…

Paperback Story: খোলা চিঠি!


আমি জানিনা কিভাবে চিঠি লিখতে হয় বা কথা গুলো সাজিয়ে বলতে হয়। তবুও লিখছি কারণ, এখন তোমার অনেক রাত। কিন্তু আমি বেকার বসে তোমার ভোরের অপেক্ষা করছি। হুম! তোমার রাত আমার দিন এভাবে প্রায় ১বছর কেটে আরো দু'মাস পৃথিবীর দুই প্রান্তে আমরা দুইজন।

জানো আমার খুব ইচ্ছে হয় সেই তখনের মত ভোর বেলা উঠে হাঁটি তোমার সাথে। তখন কত দেখা করার সুযোগ ছিল তাইনা? কিন্তু দুইজনই ছোট ছিলাম। কোথাও যাওয়ার টাকাটাই থাকতনা। স্বাধীনতাও ছিলনা। তুমি তো দোষ দাও আমি ভীতু! কি করবো বল? বেশী সাহসী হলে হয়তো তোমাকে আর পাওয়া হতো না।

এই আবুল, মনে আছে তখন আমাকে একবার সন্ধ্যায় বারান্দায় আসতে বললি তারপর সেখানে দাড়িয়ে ছিলো ভাবী আর তুই কানা টা ভাবীর সাথে ইশারা করে কি কি বলে উধাও! তারপর আমাকে ভাবী ভয়ে বলল কোন চশমিস তার সাথে কথা বলল। তারপর বুঝলাম। এভাবে কত বার দিন দুপুরে আমার আপুকে আমি ভেবে হাসলি এসব মনে পরলেই মন ভালো হয়ে যায়। তুই আসলেই সাহসী! যোগাযোগ বন্ধ ছিলো কি যেন ঝগড়ায় তবুও যখন জ্বর আর ইনফেকশন নিয়ে হসপিটালে শুয়ে মিরাকল হিসেবে তোকে দেখতে চাচ্ছিলাম ঠিক তখনি তুই ফুল নিয়ে হাজির! সেদিন টা অসাধারন ছিলো। জানিস সেই আমাকে চমকাতে …

I Miss you. No, I Miss You like I Miss Being Myself. It Feels Incomplete Without You.

I Miss you. No, I Miss You like I Miss Being Myself. It Feels Incomplete Without You:

It's like watching a horror movie at 2 am and not even knowing when I paused it and started thinking about you. It's like listening to your covers, only to make myself crave for you even more. It happens when I'm in the middle of a class and everyone's cracking jokes around, and somewhere in between, I find myself in a corner, tears trickling down my face. It's when I bury my nose under piles of books, 5minutes later, only to know that I'm lost, staring blankly at the wall infront of me. It's like I'm in a stance, singing "I'll go everywhere you go." under my breath before I even realize it. And when I feel like I can't take it anymore, I keep on scribbling the three words on my diary, wishing, so wishing I could tell you that in person.

Seven months is quite a long period of time and we've no idea what awaits us. But I could tell you, 30 years fr…

The Most Difficult Thing about Leaving a Relationship is not Leaving the Person Only

The Most Difficult Thing about Leaving a Relationship is not Leaving the Person Only:

The most difficult thing about leaving a relationship is not leaving the person only. Because at that time you are ready to let them go or walk away from them. The difficult thing is letting go of the dreams that were shared together. Knowing that all the promises made in all those days together wouldn’t really mean anything for a second after saying goodbye to each other. Deleting all those photos from insatagram and accepting follow requests from your family members that had been hanging there for days. And then deleting that hidden folder in your desktop which had a backup of all those pictures that couldn’t be saved on phone because someone might see them. Looking at those pictures for one last time as beads of water rolls down the cheek. Hitting the delete button as quickly as possible and then getting a feeling as if someone has shotted in the heart. Wiping off years from the memory bank isn’t …