Your heart was where I dwelt

Paperback Storyteller - Your heart was where I dwelt
Paperback Storyteller - Your heart was where I dwelt
Paperback Storyteller - Your heart was where I dwelt

"You were my home baby. Your heart was where I dwelt. Your mind was where I roamed. Now that you are long gone, I'm lost. I'm a hopeless traveller looking for a home. A home that once belonged to me." The 65 year old man whispered as he stared at his wife's name imprinted on the greyish green grave stone. It's been 5 years already yet he visits this place everyday and says this line each time he comes across the grave. How could he not? Those were the very first lines he told his wife while confessing his feelings for her and they'd always remain with him. Even though the person for whom all this was said will never respond or reply back to his lines. He derived a strange form of satisfaction every time he uttered it. In his vision he could always see his wife smiling at him unabashedly while he said them. He could see the young soul and hear her raging heartbeats. He could see love warmth and kindness in her that always seemed to intertwine their souls together.
When she died due to blood cancer he felt like a part of his soul was ripped apart. Every time he recalled about her last words, tears blinded his vision. "Honey don't be sad. We will meet soon," she whispered as she saw him for the last time. Those words haunted him everyday and he wished they could really meet soon. His children had often told him to move on but he could not. He has lost a best friend, a soul mate, a girlfriend, a wife and the mother of his children. How could he move on so easily? How could he forget their years of togetherness? He never could and never will because first love is never forgotten and never will be.
As he kept his head on the grave stone like he used to rest his head on her wife's lap, he said, "Darling take me with you. I do not want to live in this cruel world anymore. I want to be with you. I love you darling. I love you so so much and no one can replace you in my heart. Will you please come back? Will you please Kiss my forehead and assure me that you're okay? Will you please let me embrace you? Let me feel your warmth, sweet essence and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat that clearly revealed you love me. I miss you darling. Everyday I yearn for you. These children do not understand what I lost and they never will." After he finished he broke down. He sobbed until he couldn't feel anymore. He mourned until his heart exploded and throat constricted. He lay his head, hugged the gravestone and whispered the words that were so familiar to both of them. "You're my home."
As he got lost into his own emotions the spirit of his wife watched him from the corner like each day.
-Anila Rahman.
A Brooke Shaden Photography.

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