You Lied

Paperback Storyteller: You Lied
Paperback Storyteller: You Lied
Paperback Storyteller: You Lied

You lied,
Maybe I’m just throwing accusations at you,
Maybe I am overreacting,
I know when you speak;
The air turns foggy
Clouded with your lies
Your nonsense.
So when you asked me the same,
I lied too.
What makes you think you deserve to know?

You lied,
You lied when you denied being damaged.
Because you hide your silly scars, and you
Want to feel strong but you’re just a coward,
Afraid of the exposure of your weakness.
Let them see where it hurts the most,
And let it bleed until you are numb.
And let it rot, let it die,
And become the same friend as me
But you can’t, can you?
You’re too caught up in this string of lies,
This ongoing train of fake words and stories.

You lied, you never stop lying.
There is no time, the world is infinite.
And in this infinite flow
You can’t spare a moment ,
For me, my things, everything I share.
You lied, not really,
But you hid the truth.
Your ignorant nature, your forgetful mind
is getting on my nerve.
And it’s giving me aches,
That I’d rather not feel.
Maybe it’s time.
Maybe its time to pack my bags,
To depart again out of your reach,
Out of everyone’s reach,
And find a place of momentary honesty.
Because you lie so much, it sickens me.
We’re a legion, not really,
But it’s always me, not us.
And I clung to you like an idiot.

You lied,
You told me I’d reach the stars.
And you gave me false hope;
Blinding me,
Making me forget that there was only
So little I had in hand.
And now I have no strength,
And I have to watch you gleam.
While my light slowly fades away.
Everything is a lie.
Everything is an act.
You lied.

- Maimuna Purba.

Photo: Seanen Middleton Photography

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