When do you actually know you've been cheated on?

Paperback Storyteller - When do you actually know you've been cheated on?
Paperback Storyteller - When do you actually know you've been cheated on?
Paperback Storyteller - When do you actually know you've been cheated on?

When do you actually know you've been cheated on? Do you just really see it coming and choose to ignore it only to end up convincing yourself that it's all in your head? And when you finally do know it for sure, why do you still stay anyway? For the sake of the memories or believe that maybe he might just see your worth and regret what he did, changing for good? Or do you just stay for the sake of your kids, family and social status? At least my mother did.

Even after finding out how easily after 20 something years of marriage her husband, a father to two beautiful grown daughters, daughters who sees him to be nothing less than a hero with an invisible cape, a noble man, their mentor, an idol, a person they look up to for only doing good to people, had been having an affair with another woman. My mother, who's an angel in all of our lives, who's been sacrificing everything for as long as I can remember, sacrificed her soul that day to the truth. She came to an understanding that, with the truth being out there it'll be hard for her to save the marriage, which will then affect her daughters' weddings she's been dreaming of for years and knowing the truth would make her daughters lose their hero. But little did she knew that I had found out about him cheating on her months before she did.

I kept shut, I ended up thinking that maybe it was all in my head and decided some things are better left unsaid because telling her could've kill her. She still doesn't know that I know, how can I bear the look of embarrassment she'd have if I ever told her? I remember how I cried that night, how grasping my breath got harder with every minute. How I got cheated on by my own father. That night as I went through the messages of my father and the other woman, the idea of love changed in my head. Yes I have had my share of downs in my own love life, but I always looked up to the kind of love my dad shared with my mom, and thought to myself, maybe just maybe one day I'll have something like that. That finally someone will stay. But now? What do I tell myself now? That people do stay but not necessarily being all yours even though you've given them complete and true love?

I slowly started seeing how brutal the actual world is, we see wars going on everywhere, but do we truly see the wars in our hearts? Inside every home? I saw my friends and loved ones getting cheated on, and then when they'd confront their partners, ended up being called crazy with all these trust issues. But who is there to call me crazy? How do I say it all started in my own house, that my trust issues were started by my own father? How do I say that I won't be able to love or even care for love anymore? That I won't ever have my prince charming because my king failed me in the first place!

People now-a-days seem to think "not cheating" is some sort of virtue when you're with someone and cheating is only normal, and that you should be able to get away with it right? It's funny because if the same had been done to them they'd go bonkers. So tonight if anyone who is reading this, who does the same to their loving and loyal partners, I'd request you to stop. You have no clue about how you're murdering someone from the inside. The scars change everything. If you have a bit humanity left in you, please let her go. For her sake, for yourself. Or else, the pain will get back to you one day, and who knows, maybe like I did that night, your daughters or sons would be on the floor one day, crying their poor little hearts out with their whole world shattering in front of their eyes. And you would be doing everything to protect them from the unforgiving world but still won't succeed because God forbid you are the one who took them there in the first place.

-F & R

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