What is life you ask?

Paperback Storyteller: What is life you ask? 
Paperback Storyteller- What is life you ask?
Paperback Storyteller- What is life you ask?

Life is getting to discover all your potentials through small things in life. Life is about facing obstacles everyday and learning to move on after every failure. Life is about learning how to compromise, how to accept others' flaws and learn to love them. Life is about understanding that sometimes you need to lose some things you love just for the sake of everyone's happiness. Life is learning to be selfless. Life is watching people leave and new ones entering in your life and realizing how spontaneous life is. Life is about accepting. Life is about loving someone. Life is about having a family, taking responsibilities and enjoying every little moments. Life is about sacrificing and finding happiness in others' joy. Life is expressing love through daily habits in life. Life is seeing a loved one grow.

At the end, when you're old, when you'll wonder what life has been, look at all your achievements, your failures and most importantly, your family. These things have given you memories which describes life. No, travelling the world, meeting new people, living the perfect adventurous life isn't life, yes you'll have memories but will it matter at the end? Can you compare these with the happiness you get when you see your loved ones smile or when you realize, no matter how independent you are, you'll always be dependent on a particular someone to whom you mean everything to.

Life is finding happiness in growing old surrounded by loved ones and learning to be a human in the process.

It's you who completes the answer.

- Tahseen Tashfia

Photo by Tahseen Tashfia

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