Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe

Paperback Storyteller - Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe
Paperback Storyteller - Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe
Paperback Storyteller - Tonight at 8pm, 5th Street Cafe

With the dew drops sliding by the window, shimmering as crystal, with the sun peeping to blast, I woke up by the fragnance of her hair.

This charm of hers or rather the "ICE" of Ned Stark piercing my heart into pieces; yet the pieces growl her presence. It's quite unbelievable to have her in my arms after waiting for almost 16 years. Everything happened so slowly but all of a sudden which left me with goosebumps. I got a chance in a university and had to shift near it which was not very close to my house. But there was something calling my mind and torturing my heart to finally confess my feelings to her. After all years from out of nowhere I found the guts to message her, still hung in her "requests pending." The conversation went like this...

-Hey! Can we talk?

-Sorry. But I barely know you. How can you expect to have a conversation with me?

- I know. But I need to say something to you.

-Okay, I will try...

Within a few days, she sent a message of the time and place and we talked. I tried my best to clear all the misunderstandings between us and confessed my feelings to her. She said nothing but listened only. Then after a few days, she accepted my proposal and told me that she will stay with me till the last. Now here I am, sliding away from her gently so that she can sleep deeply and have some peaceful moments. I went to the office.

Let her sleep. After all the things that happened that night were beyond explanations. Two souls became one. She rested on his arms keeping her hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat through her trembling fingers. The surroundings were still but her memories were nostalgic about their early days.

- "Am I the most fortunate girl living in the present? Is it really possible to love someone for the whole life? Maybe it is. If it wasn't possible, then I won't be the one lying beside HIM. He knows that I love him for only 8 years compared to his time. But is it true? I loved him long before he imagined... the moment I learnt the word love. It was very nerve wrecking for me to meet him, as I already knew what he was going to tell me. He spoke. I listened. Those were the moments never to forget. My heart was dying to hear those words to which I would like to forfeit. I felt an urge, deep within, with my heart roaring the words, "JUST SAY IT! SAY IT!" But he didn't. I waited and waited noticing every detail around. At that moment, his lips tended to open amongst all the silence; Time stopped, and I was standing still when he uttered those magical words, "Girl, will you complete me?" And that was enough. I was motionless till the ring imprisoned me. And from then my love for him went beyond than what he had for these 16 years!" These were the thoughts going though her mind while the eyes went heavy.

6.30 pm. I came back. But wait. Something ain't right. Where is she? Playing hide and seek? "Rhidee! Rhidee," No wait. She is nowhere. Maybe in the bedroom? Washroom? Or in the Kitchen? No, she isn't anywhere. Where the hell is she? Doesn't she know that I do not like all these things? Definitely she does. She knows everything about me. Did anything happen to her? Something very bad? I searched her every corner of the apartment but failed. I was frustrated and the best I could do was just to cry out, "Rhidee!" Everything suddenly was filled with intense flash of light.

I woke up at my bed. It was just a dream. I didn't even meet her and dreamt of marriage! Huh, how stupid I am. Had nothing to do but smiled a bit. I noticed my phone showing the notification signal. Having opened the phone, I was astonished. She texted. I found in the chat nothing but the text, "tonight at 8pm, 5th street cafe..."


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