Paperback Storyteller - 22.09.2016

Paperback Stories - 22.09.2016:

Paperback Storyteller - 22.09.2016
Paperback Storyteller - 22.09.2016

Do you ever like just sit and think about death? Just put some thought into it, think about it? Think what is going to happen after you die? Think how many people would actually be hurt by losing you? I never really put much thought into it. Nor did I think about how I was going to face the Almighty.

My nanu's brother died today. We all knew he was going to die soon, he had cancer. But we never imagined that it would come so soon. He got married only a few years ago, and was infected by cancer 2 years ago. The doctors examined him, but it was to no avail. All of this happened a bit too soon. It didn't have to end this way.

I was pretty angry at myself after I heard this news. I never actually spent much time with him, never got to know him. Then I thought of my nanu. I could hear her cries, echoing in my brain. My nana left, but took a part of so many lives with him. No one could ever be the same again.

Then it started hitting me. So many people die because of so many reasons, all day long. No one ever actually knows when they're going to die. It is so sudden, the shock takes days to wear off. One day, one of these people could actually be me. I could die anytime, anywhere. I would hurt so many people. But, what will happen to me after death? How will I face the Almighty? There is only a few countable good deeds I have done in my life. So many of us don't even pray. We hear the adhaan alright, but we ignore it because we're busy doing things for this world. But what about the other world? What about it? Note that I used the word 'hear'. We don't listen to it, but hear it. We don't focus.
We still have time to change ourselves, and we also have the ability to. All of us will have to face the Almighty on the Judgement Day. But how will we? Speaking of Judgement Day, we all talk about it, but how many of us actually fear it? Actually believe in it? People these days are busy with their 'relationships' (no offense) which will anyway end, but they don't even put 1/6 of the effort they put in their relationships for the Almighty.

I don't mean to offend anyone by my words, but think about it. You are to die one day. How are you going to face Him? Face the one above? Try praying. Try understanding the words in your religious books instead of just reading them off. You'll attain inner peace.

-Amber, a well wisher.

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