Mi amor

Paperback Storyteller - Mi amor

I trust your soul has been well – for you have a beautiful soul. It has been quite a while since I have taken up the pen and paper medium to confide my feelings. I have many a things to say, but not all words are meant to be heard or spoken. After all, we live in such an age, where words, set in stone also fade away. Must you wonder what this is, know only, that this is me desperately clinging on to what I believe in.

You see my love, you have infected my subconscious. I wish I had the cure, I really wish I did. But unfortunately things do not work that way. Every impulse I feel, every beat my heart makes, with every single breath, you remain entwined. You are my sun, my biggest star, my only star. You are everything my world revolves around. And I, forever remain bound to your orbit.

My love, the time we had together was magic. Fiction is probably a good word to describe, for it was too beautiful to be true. You made me forget reality my love. The love was that strong. Time, without you is just a definition. It is merely a sentence. It is reality. And I do not like reality at all mi amor. It does not make sense. I have forgotten to live life in your absence. Without you, I am nothing but a soul wandering amongst many, without the slightest idea of where I am going. I pray that I walk among the living and not the dead.

I know what I have done to you is irreparable. No one deserves that. I ask for your forgiveness, as I would, to God. I have drowned in your love once mi amor, and I can no longer abstain the effects. The thought that I won’t be able to feel your hair running through my fingers; the very idea that my skin will never know the touch of you, your smell fading and your eyes erasing; is agony enough for my soul to leave.

My soul now gasps for air, aching at tender attempts, like a soul that escaped unwillingly from its body and cannot find its way back. Indeed suffering was the one to blame, for it to elude from my body, but how I wish I could blame that suffering on my heart which beats no more. How I wish I could converse with my soul, and force it to believe that the beacon it seeks, no longer shines its light. The beacon to my lost soul, the love of my life, the heart that make my heart beat, beats no longer for mine.

I ask you to look deep my love. I plead you mi amore, allow yourself a week or more and think. Look deep in your heart and see if you can find any part of you that wants to reconcile with my heart again. Fall in love again, reignite any passion, any spark you have for my soul. I starve in love mi amor. And I will be in wait for your voice.

Signed : You know Who.

A Seanen Middleton Photography.


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