It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings

Paperback Storyteller - It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings:
Paperback Storyteller - It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings
Paperback Storyteller - It is high Time You All Start Living Like Civilized Human Beings

It was about 6:30 in the evening when I and my friends were walking down a street of Dhanmondi. It was pretty crowded like always and three of us were just talking about random stuffs and minding our own business when we heard some noise on the other side of the road. My friends turned to look what was wrong and all they found was some hijras were shouting at us. It seemed like they were really enraged at something. At first we couldn’t figure out what the matter was until they were loud enough for us. “Orna Koi?” we heard one of them hitting this statement at us. We don’t know how many people noticed it but we were startled. That just blew three of us. We were totally shocked by the way it came, all of a sudden. But this was not the end. I guess it was just a bad, a very bad evening for us. As they were abusing us, two boys crossing the road on a bike took their side and said pointing at us “Go home”. They were laughing as if they were proud of their ridiculous act. We wanted throw it back to them and tell them what piece of rubbish they were, but then we remembered that we don’t live in a city where girls are protected and this kind of utterance is “normal” in our country, so we decided to take a rickshaw and just get out of that dirt. We could still hear them howling at us and the crowd was just witnessing our embarrassment and not a single person stood against them.
Now, I have got some questions in my mind and I guess I am never going to get their answers; “What was our fault?” “Why on earth are humans like that?” “What has this city become?” “Aren’t humans the ones who are making this world more miserable day by day?” I wear orna or I don’t, it's my bloody wish. I was not wearing a tight t-shirt that showed every detail of my curve neither two of my friends were wearing indecent clothes. Even if we were, a transgender or two substandard bikers have got no right to comment on our clothes or appearance. I have even seen boys commenting on hijabi girls. Disrespecting women has become a fashion for them. They just have to show their level to every girl who passes them by. You think that’s cool? You think you are being nifty? Then sorry folks, in real you are just being losers who just grew up just on their rich dad’s money and doesn’t have any clue what real manhood is. You people are those sickening creatures for whom girls cannot move around at night alone, wear what they want to or be on their own. Like what bothers you people so much? Does your ego get bruised when you see girls being independent? Are you just afraid of the fact that if women want they can do a lot of stuffs which you can’t even think of and so you just keep on denigrating them? If that so, then ask your rich dad to admit you in a mental asylum because lunatic people should not be allowed to go out. Just don’t make this city any filthier with your actions. Even if you think you have got the rights like freedom of speech, then you must know that this right is only valid until or unless it offends or harms others. So its high time you all start living like civilized human beings and let others have a peaceful, fearless life too.

-Zareen Haider.

Photo by Hanne Feldt Art.


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