Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped?

Paperback Storyteller - Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped?
Paperback Storyteller - Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped?:
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Ever wondered why us south Asian countries are so underdeveloped ?
Yes many of you guys would be happy to point out the lack of strict laws and order along with low gross domestic product and so on. But ever wondered why your car isn't as fast as the others? It's not because of your fuel or nitrous oxide it's because 2 of the wheels of your cars are neglected
First of all, yes I know this is 2016, and I have enough guts to go up to the borders and shout out that my country doesn't support equal rights.

You say things have changed and yes I admit it, things did change. Women now get jobs and they also run many companies. But ever thought on a bigger scale? I can bet over 90% of the families here would smile down and refuse to send their daughters abroad to study. But they wouldn't hesitate twice to send their son
Their are many freedoms we are denied. We cannot go out without telling where our destination is . This puts a huge mark on our independence and rights. Parents create this intimidation and suppression of sexism into the minds their teenage daughters during this delicate period of growth and self discovery, that they lose all their self confidence.

You know what's the problem here? You are telling us that we got equal rights and independence but at the same time displaying how our freedom should look like. We are weak? Yes physically we maybe , but please do tell us that aren't animals stronger than us humans ? Aren't they faster than us ? Can't they kill us ? Then why aren't they ruling the world eh ?

Now you may provide us with other materialising facilities but what about how you treat us? I'm not telling you to respect a women . Respect a character . The firstthing that you need to do is remove all the feminist shit you have swimming around your head. What I'm bringing out is common sense and if your brain isn't developed enough to get it I don't know what's gonna happen to this country.
I will not admit that women are given equal rights until we can go out alone at night without the fear of being harassed, not until our parents look up to us with equal pride, not until people stop judging our character based on our clothes. We will not change who we are, the way we talk walk or behave just so it attracts unwanted attention
Don't tell us to change our ways because you are incapable of controlling yourself . My freedom will look like the way I want it to look like.

The very day when a female child is born and the family's ultimate goal in life becomes her success and not her marriage , will be the same day I believe in equality .

- Inaya Islam

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