To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now

Paperback Storyteller: To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now
Paperback Storyteller: To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now

To The Person, A Twinkling Star Now:
The glimpse of your heavenly face twinkles my mind in every single day.

They say that time heals everything. Yes, it does and now all I'm left with is your memories. You were and still are one of the most amazing soul in my eyes. Even after bearing a lot of pain, you never had any complaint about life.
One thing I badly regret is that, I couldn't spend much time of my life with you due to the vast distance between the places where we lived.
Sometimes I question myself Why did I even grow up? I could have known you better if I had utilized my time in meeting you rather than going to other places for vacations.

You always had that special charm in you. Except you, none could make me laugh and cry at the same moment. It's you from whom I have learnt a lot more about those unspoken truths that no one would ever tell me about.
Hugging you right after a tiring day and watching you fall asleep are those little things that I miss mostly everytime.

My heart aches every time when I think about you. And guess what? The bitter truth is we'll never meet again.
Now, there is none to comfort me and save me from my insecurities like the way you always did.

Your little angel misses you every now and then.

Your Granddaughter 💕

Photo Courtesy : Klaus Enrique

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