The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself

Paperback Storyteller: The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself
Paperback Storyteller: The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself

The Picture Held So Many Memories Itself: It was about this Saturday night, with some relaxation and leisure time in hand I decided to sort out my box of books that I no longer take care of. One by one I sorted them and placed them on the shelf when suddenly something caught my eyes...upon grabbing it, only silent tears flowed down my cheeks. The picture held so many memories itself...dragging me down to the memory lane that I left behind almost a year ago. It was not only a picture for me but something so much more, much dearer and precious...Something that once meant everything to me or maybe still does. Who knows...How did time fly this fast? I could feel my heart ache! Sounds cheesy doesn't it? 1st love, 1st heartbreak...sigh! Only the ones who endure the pain know how it feels like to live with the pain enclosed inside.

An old picture causes so much of adrenaline rush, so many flashbacks that I overlooked over the years...How we spent those times together and cherished every little thing about one another. How our long winter night conversations never ended. How his one touch, his slightest presence could fix up my mood in a jiffy. How he made me smile with the slightest effort, how his cologne around me feel like home ...The days I cried like a baby over little injuries or failures in lessons and he laughed at me calling me crybaby and silly and then eventually cheered me up. Now all these are only a faded memory inside me that popped out now and then...Things did change, who knew we would be living in this phase of life today back then? How happy we were. Those silly little pranks, those December outings, those jokes we cracked...What did he not mean to me? Everything actually, from my mentor to my best friend to my support to my teacher till my lover.

I could still remember his shouting at me for not going to bed early or having my supper. How he made me sit and study for hours, everything he did and said was for my own betterment...Soselflessly he took care of me...He mended this little spoilt girl to an organized lady...Life seemed to be perfect back then...Never did I imagine this separation...Alas! Expect the unexpected as they say. Now both our lives have different paths, separate directions, leading our own lives our own ways...having no idea about one another.

The picture held so many memories itself: I am happy with my life but if fate gives me one last chance I would rush back to the past just to fix what was broken, only to let him know what he meant to me and still make him realize which place he holds in my life and how much I still love him.

How I still cry over him at night, all alone after all these months, how with his goodbye, my smile bid me a bye too. How all my happiness vanished into thin air along with him but then thinking how happy he might be in his life I smile, he barely remembers me now, well obviously who would remember someone after so many days...however I feel like giving him a call and ask, "Hey do you not remember me? Do I cross your mind like you do?” Does he still feel the same about me? Does he not miss me? Does he not cry over me like I do? Does he not spend sleepless nights thinking about me as I do? For once did he never feel like what I am going through right now? Probably not. This picture in my hands is all I have left, my sole companion in lonesome. It’s so surprising how this little piece of laminated paper holds back so much sorrow, so many smiles, so many memories and what not...My heart pounds as I lay back in my bed and close my eyes holding the picture tightly against my chest close to my heart. With eyes filled with tears....I relived a whole year that I left behind with this one picture, swam through the memory lane with the help of this petty thing that now meant everything to me...

Sahiba Amina

Art credit- Sleek Art

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