The Cosmos of My Heart

The Cosmos of My Heart:  All day, all night I think of you, I dream of you. The sun rises and sets but the thought of you never fades. 

Paperback Storyteller: The Cosmos of My Heart
Paperback Storyteller: The Cosmos of My Heart

My feelings are such as the nothingness of a raindrop falling on a leaf, a little beautiful, clear drop of water that makes my heart melt with it's tenderness. That is how my love is for you. It's as clear as that transparent drop of water. It's as soothing as water flowing downstream or a baby's first smile to it's mother. This love is as deep and strong as the neurons firing in our brain. Nothing can break it or mold it, but what they can do is stare in awe at it's wonderful existence. But sadly the struggle behind it's existence will be known by none except the 'one'. So my case lies with him and I pray and hope that the hearing is over soon with the ruling in my favour.


A Brooke Shaden Photography.


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