The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose

Paperback Storyteller: The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose
Paperback Storyteller: The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose

The Conscience of A Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose: The heavy cumulonimbus cloud roared overhead as he kept walking aimlessly by the beach, wondering about all the blunders he made in his little life. He couldn't change anything now. He could only hear his conscience speaking to him.

So here we are at last, this is what has become of us, what we have been reduced to. The future, once so clear to me, is now like a dark desolate highway at night. To whom it may concern, the sole purpose of me revealing what I had once deemed correct to conceal forever, is so that not another living soul makes the grave mistakes that reeked of impending disaster upon whom I was going to guide to the right path.

The beginning, ah the beginning! Like the struggles of many greats before, you were so typical. A hard working individual, whom life treated with misfortune, yet you did not abandon your dreams, yet she and the life you two created together, stood beside you. However, one day it happened; heaven finally deemed you worthy of reward and alas! You received such a magnificent gift to turn your life around. But what did you do? Didn't I warn you that a friend in need is a friend indeed? Didn't she remind you of how terrible they had been to you when you were on the streets? Yet you did not turn one ear to us . My cries and screams for your well being fell upon deaf ears and what transpired next was merely the beginning of your downward spiral.

The aroma of it was so alluring and the sensation it gave you was beyond my comprehension but when you returned to her after consuming the seemingly innocent poison, you screamed at the top of your lungs and you injured her; gave her wounds that will never heal and scars that would never fade .You wreaked havoc and the results were cataclysmic. So alas! One truly reaps as one sows and the legal system put you away for good.

Now we return to the climax of your life as you stand baffled at the sight before you - the sight of the three most important people in your life as they hang lifeless. Where does the path lead to from here? Does the path even continue? Only a question hangs in his heart.

Coming back to his senses, he could feel the droplets of rain pouring over him as the sky, no heavier than his heart, roared mercilessly. He looked up at the sky, and felt the rain pouring over his face; each droplet seemed to fall from the very heaven itself, carrying with them a limpid purity that he felt was enough to clean away all his misdeeds. But were they really?

-The conscience of a man who has nothing left to lose.

Picture taken from Favin

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