Teenagers are Currently Suffering From a Lot of Diseases

Paperback Storyteller: Teenagers are Currently Suffering From a Lot of Diseases
Paperback Storyteller:Teenagers are Currently Suffering From a Lot of Diseases

Teenagers are currently suffering from a lot of diseases: They suffer from a lack of parent's attention. These days the lifestyle of teens are apparently leading them towards astray, and the prime reason for this is less attention. Parents are running with time to design the future of their kids, however they are not aware of this major fact that they don't spend adequate tine to monitor their kids.

Also, the lack of council. Teens are the modern civilization of this world. Apart from their studies and daily dairies, few have some obscure issues to deal with. Parents should be friendly to their kids and they should try their level best to absorb the thoughts of their children too. Not all faces are same, thus all kids are not same. Some should be handled carefully. Parents should build their thinking and make them eligible, to identify what's right and what's not. Punishment is not always the solution.

Also, then there is distance from family. There was a time when siblings used to chill with their family, where as now it's just a dream. Teens are addicted to social networks and hanging out with budds. They hardly manage time to spend with their family. They are busy in visiting and checking out new places and restaurants, but none has the thinking to share the same dine with their family instead of friends. They are never free from their cell phones but they don't have time to call their parents once. This distance is actually breaking the bonding between parents and their teens.

Only if we could all work together to strengthen our bond, things would be a lot easier.

- Abrar Ahmed

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