Silence in Return

Silence in Return: The circle of life I prefer sometimes leave us questioned to everything. To the people we care about, people we hate (all of us must hate someone) yet never show it, people with mystery or the person whom you have our history with. Sometimes they all leave us questioning ourselves, ''That's it? That's all we get out of them?" I'm not saying it happens to all of us. Maybe it's just people like us, with too much emotion being sensible yet so ruthless at the same time.
Paperback Storyteller: Silence in Return
Paperback Storyteller: Silence in Return

People who we care about, sometime we hurt them both intentionally and unintentionally. In between it's our ego that creates a big mess, distance and agony. But it also hurts when they don't come back for you. When they don't say, "Hey, we're over it. Come on, we are best mates." It hurts when they sit around a corner reading this short story, hating the person for not coming back. But sometimes it also hurts us because at times we also wait for them to come back. Because I'm sorry and I already said that. "Sorry is never enough until it erases from our hearts." Then I must have hurt them pretty bad.

It's ego that puts an end to everything, leaves us questioned and then all of a sudden we make our biggest mistake, we lose them. When they are gone, there's another circle circling you around. Even when they disappears you find another reason to survive and stay alive.

But my friend, it hurts more than the rage overtake us when the circle we want to be with shuts their door with their ego and never return. Never even see our ruthless face. Because we are the betrayer, right? We hurt them and they return us with their silence.

- Alavi Maliha

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