Latter from The Friend You Abandoned

Paperback Storyteller: Latter from The friend you Abandoned
Paperback Storyteller: Latter from The friend you Abandoned
Dear stranger,
Today I'm about to uncover a secret that only resides in your heart and tortures your soul. I know you didn't love him truly. To tell you the truth, you just didn't want to be alone. Hence you chose the only person who was available.

You could have waited but you chose not to. He was good for your ego and you used him just like an alluring piece of shiny trophy. You chose him only to show off. You didn't mean to treat him like the treasure he was. He was a good guy who would do anything for you. Whereas you used him like an object only with the intention of playing with his feelings.

He made you feel better about your miserable life that consisted of solitude and defeating silence. However the cracks that manifested in the middle of your heart could not be healed by him.
Even though you pretended to be genuinely happy infront of others, deep down you knew you were isolated. You knew you were not only betraying yourself but you were also risking someone's happiness. You were preventing him from being genuinely loved by someone who valued his worth.

We all know that you were back stabbed by the bad boy who you blindly trusted and loved but that doesn't give you the right to do the same with another person. It makes you look worse. You know it, you know that he cares for you, wants you to be happy and he's really giving his everything into mending your broken life yet you're manipulating him.

He might be rebound for you but he deserved so much better than a selfish person who's whole life had been spent in pleasing others. Just because your friends and close ones wants you to be happy and settled down you do not have to be with someone you do not love.

You can always wait. You can wait for the right person who'd sweep you off your feet and love you unconditionally.

The friend you abandoned.


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