I Wish Someone Could Know Me

Paperback Storyteller: I Wish Someone Could Know Me
Paperback Storyteller: I Wish Someone Could Know Me
Emotive Stories: I Wish Someone Could Know Me: 

Yes, I am that girl;
That girl who always smiles,
That girl who always hides,
That girl who always cries to sleep.

To everyone, I am a happy and gleeful girl.
But do you even know me?

I am alone.
Alone in a world full of people,
Alone in the darkness of my mind.

That's a treasure;
The rarest treasure.
Yes, I have,
The ones who wished I didn't exist.

"Do you even care for your future?"
"You don't even try."
These are some of the most common words I hear everyday.

I am still smiling,
I have to.

Wiping those tears,
Stretching my mouth to smile,
Do you even know how that feels?
Do you even know me?

Words hurt,
More than actions.
Every time it feels like an arrow pierced through my heart.

It hurts.
It hurts that no one will know this pain,
It hurts that this will die with me.

Still I am, Alone
In my room, Crying.

Do you know what I really wished?
I wish someone could know me

- Sadia Tasnim Prottasha


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