Hope Amidst Darkness

Paperback Storyteller.Hope Admist Darkness
Paperback Storyteller.Hope Admist Darkness

Hope Admist Darkness: He stared at the reflection in front of him with pure disgust. His face was bloody and his clothes were torn. He was 'black'. His arms were filled with brutal reminders of how he was tortured. Tears escaped from his eyes and he stared at them with such fascination, wishing to be as free as those teardrops.

He looked down at his hands, chained to the floor a few feet away from him. Flashbacks occupied his fragile 10 year old mind, of people treating him like garbage, like he was a disgrace to the society. People hit him whenever they wanted to, reminding him he had no right in this world, he was a slave, he was 'black'.

Rage filled him from within. He screamed, pulled at the chains, slapped his face and wiped it vigorously as if trying to remove the color. But as usual, he gave up knowing nothing would change.

He looked down at his hands in defeat, filled with blood. What difference was there in him? To him everyone was the same, everyone had blood the same color as him. What did he ever do to deserve this cursed life?

It was 5 pm and like always children would come and play in the field beside his small hut. He rushed over to the wooden walls, as far as the chains allowed him to and as usual, peeked through the cracks in the wall and looked at the children as they played. He laughed when they laughed, imagining he was a part of them.

After a while, it was too painful for him so he went to his 'bed', which was a pile of hay. He laid down, closed his eyes, drifting away in his dreams, where he was always happy and free. He knew perfectly that he would be beaten awake a few minutes later. Although, to him being in heaven for a few minutes was worth it.


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