No one would ever know how it feels

Paperback Storyteller - No one would ever know how it feels:

No one would ever know how it feels to abide it without enduring the tragedy I’ve faced. It is sad that I didn’t come back from the wicked track when I had time. It was my forbidden attraction which brought the damnation in my life. I did make a redemption but I was too late. My old man had such high hopes for me and then there was I, who demolished them in a glance.

It all started when I was 19 and was really proud of my examination results. Dad even threw a party for me but then he barbed about my lacking in front of the guests, my friends and also some people whom I’ve barely met at that time. Well, even after making such a good result I was a loser and had my underwear on my head; my reputation was publicly diminished. Well, that was the day when I made the oath of surpassing my biggest well-wisher; my own dad.

You really can’t improve when the only reason for your improvement is hatred. Hatred was all over my boiling bloo…

Paperback Storyteller - Be proud to be born a GIRL

Today, we live in a world with 8 billion people. But do we know that there are a group of people who are more persecuted, neglected and insulted more than anyone? No, they are not political or religious activists, neither are they a part of any rule nor a part of any objective; they are the girls.

In this world, being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, diseases, torture, insult, poverty and other painful experiences than any other group on Earth. I won’t say that every girl suffers from such objectives, but I will say that there are no history of a happy nation full of happy women. Because, each and every girl have suffered even a little bit in this world. Can anyone deny the fact that each one of the girls were told to accept their situation as their fate despite it being worse than hell? We have the right to make our own fate, we can create our own destiny. No one has the right to take that wish away from us. Now, the only truth taught to a girl is t…

You Lied

Paperback Storyteller: You Lied

You lied,
Maybe I’m just throwing accusations at you,
Maybe I am overreacting,
I know when you speak;
The air turns foggy
Clouded with your lies
Your nonsense.
So when you asked me the same,
I lied too.
What makes you think you deserve to know?

You lied,
You lied when you denied being damaged.
Because you hide your silly scars, and you
Want to feel strong but you’re just a coward,
Afraid of the exposure of your weakness.
Let them see where it hurts the most,
And let it bleed until you are numb.
And let it rot, let it die,
And become the same friend as me
But you can’t, can you?
You’re too caught up in this string of lies,
This ongoing train of fake words and stories.

You lied, you never stop lying.
There is no time, the world is infinite.
And in this infinite flow
You can’t spare a moment ,
For me, my things, everything I share.
You lied, not really,
But you hid the truth.
Your ignorant nature, your forgetful mind
is getting on my nerve.
And it’s givin…

Paperback Storyteller - THE BATTLE.

Paperback Storyteller - THE BATTLE.

The west said be yourself,
so I did and covered myself.
Their eyes burning behind my back,
Oh how they’re sitting so heavily, on my neck.
Is it because they want me to be like them?
For that doesn’t relate to what they’ve said.
Does it harm your eyes if you don’t see my figure and hair?
Does it affect you and your life by what I wear?
Or is it that you hate what I love; what I believe?
For what you’ve understood from my religion,
is far from what I believe; far from my belief.
Who I believe in, no human eye has ever seen
and no blind heart will ever meet.
So you, who tell me to be myself,
I’ve a brain just like you and I’ll use it too.
I’m not uneducated to choose, who I want to be.
For if I didn’t know, I would’ve given up a long time ago.

By @z.ynvb [instagram]
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Paperback Storyteller - 22.09.2016

Paperback Stories - 22.09.2016:

Do you ever like just sit and think about death? Just put some thought into it, think about it? Think what is going to happen after you die? Think how many people would actually be hurt by losing you? I never really put much thought into it. Nor did I think about how I was going to face the Almighty.

My nanu's brother died today. We all knew he was going to die soon, he had cancer. But we never imagined that it would come so soon. He got married only a few years ago, and was infected by cancer 2 years ago. The doctors examined him, but it was to no avail. All of this happened a bit too soon. It didn't have to end this way.

I was pretty angry at myself after I heard this news. I never actually spent much time with him, never got to know him. Then I thought of my nanu. I could hear her cries, echoing in my brain. My nana left, but took a part of so many lives with him. No one could ever be the same again.

Then it started hitting me. So many people die…

Paperback Storyteller - Her world

Paperback Storyteller - Her world

She fell in love with the way he spoke about his religion
The way he played with children
The way he respected his elders
The kindness in his speech
She admired the way he lowered his gaze
His motivation to reach his goal
His patience
How quickly he forgave
How he was pleased with the smallest of things
She noticed every single thing about him
His insecurities
His knowledge
His logic

....And prayed for him every night
That الله would always keep him happy....


Photo by Nazif's Art Gallery
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No complains. No demands

Paperback Storyteller - No complains. No demands

‘’No complains. No demands. ‘’
This was my motto from the day I started my journey with you because I knew you would never give me a chance to complain nor do I have to want something from you other than your presence in my life which you ensured was as definite as our love and today I haven’t sat to write about piles of complains or barrels of demands. I have simply sat today to write because sometimes life becomes unfair but no matter how unreasonable it becomes, I know that you love me.

I have never let anyone break all the walls that I have built around me the way I have let you. You probably know me more than all my friends ever have. You know how I am still not allowed to go out randomly to meet my friends, how clingy I am with my mom, how my mom still takes me to do my coaching classes at times thinking something bad might happen to me, how I can’t meet you whenever you want me to. You know it all and you still decided to stay wit…